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Why Choose Bigfrog
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Why Choose Big Frog Electric 

There are many choices when it comes to electrical service. So you are likely here trying to answer the question: Why Should I Use Big Frog Electric? Watch the video above to get some insight into what makes us different. Sure, we have “Surge” who proclaims us as “simply awesome” but beyond the fact that we are a fun, laid back group of individuals, we pride ourselves on helping to keep you safe while providing expert recommendations for repair or new design work, professional service, and fast response times.

Most of our customers are probably just like you.   

They have an electrical issue that needs to be addressed or an upcoming project that involves electricity and they are searching for an electrician with the knowledge and expertise to handle it. Because you know, electricity is not a DIY kind of project – one wrong move and, well, you know what could happen. It’s just too dangerous. Therefore, when you call electrician you want them to be competent and knowledgeable as to how to their job. You want the peace of mind that your home is safe from any hidden disasters. Or maybe you are a Project Manager and are searching for a competent electrician who is not only an expert in the electrical field but knows how to work as a sub-contractor.  

Whatever your need may be, you want an electrician who is a professional, knows how to do the job the right way, puts safety first, and is customer service oriented. Big Frog Electric is that company.


As owner James Crofutt, The Big Frog, says, “Anyone can turn on a light; but it takes someone with experience and expertise to keep a light on for 20 Years.” Our electricians are not salesmen; they are professional, knowledgeable, experienced professional whose purpose is to install, repair and/or correct any and all of your electrical needs” 

Our Frogs truly care about our customers; they will work to find the right solution that is the safest most efficient solution to your electrical issues.  When you choose Big Frog Electric, you are choosing a team who cares about you like family.  Big Frog Electric wants their family of customers to be cared for and safe.  So, come on over and visit at our Buford location or gives us a call today.

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